About us

“Turgoyak sports territory” is a project, which includes a series ofsports and health events held on the base of Lake Turgoyak, the pearl of the South Ural. The project is aimed at the promotion of healthy lifestyle, fitness and sport; globally speaking – at drawing the attention of Russians to preservation of health and well-being, at intensifying the feeling of responsibility for their own future and the future of the country.

The main goal of the project is to let the citizens and guests of the South Ural with different fitness level try their hand in various kinds of sport;make physical activities a part of their everyday life. The competitions have been held for a few years now and a lot of fans come as participants already. This is because of the emotions, thatthe athletesexperience while covering the distances, this competitive spirit, that imbuesall the tournaments, this feeling of pride, that overwhelms the finishers – all these things are “contagious”. “Turgoyak sports territory” includes the events, dedicated to uniquely clean and beautiful lake: ski supermarathon “Asia-Europe-Asia”, Lake Ice Race “Ski Turgoyak”, marathon “Clean water Run”, “Clean water Swim”, “Makeev” bicycle race, cross-triathlon “Turgoyak” and mountain marathon “Turgoyak-Trail”.

One more equally important aspect is increasing the environmental consciousness of Russians, for the ecological problem is one of the most topical nowadays. Lake Turgoyak is the precious pearl of the South Ural, a natural monument of international importance, it is included in the list of 100 most valuable reservoirs of the planet. The cleanliness of the water in the lake is close to Lake Baikal, the transparence reaches 17 meters. However, the situation is changing, there is a risk that the water quality will deteriorate, therefore now it requires to be treated with particular care.That is the problem, that “Turgoyak sports territory” draws attention to.The people, coming to Ural in order to take part in one of the competitions, admire the beauty of our land, the nature of which is soluxuriant. Both the citizens and the guests of Miass City District are seized by the desire to preserve all these untouched forests, clean lakes and countless mountains.New ecology movements appear, garbage collection is organized, the people themselves try to leave as few as possible “footprints” after picnics. We appreciate all the riches of our land and want more people to realize the importance of caring attitude towards the environment.

“Turgoyak sports territory” is an opportunity to try your hand both in summer and winter sports: to conquer a few peaks of the mountainous Ural, swim or ski across one of the cleanest lakes of Russia; it is a challenge, that is thrown down by the athletes all over the world; it is a will to take care of your health, to be conscious towards yourself and the nature.