Consent to the collection and processing of personal data

Consent to the collection and processing of personal data

Hereby all the individuals filling out any of the forms, aimed at the collection of personal data, by inputting the data about the specified person to an extent of the information required by the respective form, posted on the website, give the Organizer consent to the processing of their personal data, consent to the processing of personal data of the underage person on equal terms with the data of other Participants, without any omissions and exceptions, and the individuals inputting the data about the third persons or underage citizens in addition guarantee that they were in right to provide the Organizer with such data about these persons. The word “Participant”, as used in this consent, means any individual providing the Organizer with their personal data (personal data subject), and “personal data” means any information about the individual, which is directly or indirectly relevant to them, the complex of which enables to produce their identification, such as full name, date of birth, phone number, e-mail, passport data etc. When filling out the forms, posted on the website, the Participant depending on the kind of the form provides the Organizer this or other personal data to an extent necessary for performing particular tasks, specified by the forms. Thereat,the information (personal data of the Participant), which can be provided to the Organizer, is: surname, forename, patronymic, gender, date of birth, contact information (phone number, e-mail, post address), phone number of the relative, who can be contacted in case of an accident, and if at the same time inputting in the forms the data about other individuals or the data about underage citizens, the similar information for them.

The processing of personal data includes collection, systematization, accumulation, specification, update, alteration, usage, distribution, transfer, including the trans-border transfer, depersonalization, blocking, destroying, perpetual storage and any other actions (operations) with personal data. The processing of the Participant’s personal data can be carried out by means of automated facilities and/or without using automated facilities in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

The personal data can be collected and processed by the Organizer for different uses, including without limitation: sale of the Organizer’s services, organization of the personal data subject’s participation in sports events, held by the Organizer; running the public sports events, in which the personal data subject takes part or intends to take part; carrying out the correspondence with the personal data subject in the form of letters and notifications (post, e-mail, fax, social media), text messages, sent to any known to the Organizer addresses of the Participant, as well as by feedback at the Participant’s request; informing about the activities, events, partner offers, promotion of the Organizer’s/the Organizer’s partners’ products and services.

The Organizer takes the necessary legal, organizational and technical measures or ensures these measures to protect the personal data from illegal or accidental access to it, destroying, alteration, blocking, copying, providing, distribution of the personal data and from other illegal actions on the personal data, and undertakes the commitment to preserve the confidentiality of the Participants’ personal data. The Organizer is in right to attract subcontractors to process the Participant’s personal data and to transfer personal data to its affiliates for processing, as well as to the Technical Partner of the Organizer, while ensuring the acceptance by such subcontractors and affiliates of relevant obligations regarding the confidentiality of personal data, including the means of withdrawal of the specified people’s right to process and use the Participants’ personal data.

The Organizer commits to provide the list of all the organizations (third persons), that the Participant’s personal data was transferred to, upon the Participant’s request, and in case of getting, in the manner specified by this consent, the Participant’s claim to withdraw someone’s right to process the Participant’s data, to withdraw the specified right of the specified third person within the shortest period of time. The Organizer commits to preserve the Participant’s personal data and secure it from the third persons’ unauthorized access and equally to prevent its unauthorized distribution.

In case of some employee’s and/or executor’s (legal and/or private person’s) violation of the Participant’s personal data processing and storage procedure, the Organizer commits to take measures for immediate suppression of detected violations and elimination of the damage, if it is caused by such violation. The Organizer commits to ensure the storage of personal data on the servers located on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The Participant by agreeing with the terms of this consent, gives to the Organizer his consent and the right to carry out the communicating and informing the Participant by means of available communication channels (mobile service, e-mail etc.) for purposes of getting the required data and information of the Organizer’s products and services, and others.

The date of giving the consent to the processing of the Participant’s personal data is the date of filling in the corresponding field of the form sent by the Participant. The consent is valid for 3 (three) years from the moment of transferring the personal data. The consent to the processing of the personal data may be revoked by the Participant at any moment on the basis of a written application in any form addressed to the Organizer and sent to the address: 456300 Chelyabinsk Region, Miass, Avtozavodtsev Avenue 24, room 10. The revoke of the consent to the personal data processing before expiration deprives the Participant of the opportunity to get the requested information, as providing the information to the Participant without using the Participant’s personal data is impossible.

The individuals, inputting the data about third persons, the underage and giving their consent to the personal data processing, guarantee, that they are commissioning representatives of these persons or legal representatives of the underage, and take all the risks associated with providing inaccurate information about themselves, the third persons and the underage, including the covering of losses and other damage, that may occur to the Organizer in case the legal representatives of the underage request to remove the personal data of these persons and stop its processing due to the absence of the consent to such processing.