Terms & Conditions


You can pay for your order by the credit card VISA or MasterCard. All kinds of these debit cards are accepted for payment, except for Visa Electron. In most cases the Visa Electron card is not suitable for payment via the Internet, except for the cards, issued by the particular banks. You should learn about the ability to pay by Visa Electron card at issuing bank.

What you need to know:

  • -your credit card number
  • -your credit card expiration date, month/year
  • -CVV code for Visa cards / CVC code for Master Card – 3 last symbols on the signature panel on the back of the card.

If there is no CVC / CVV code on your card, probably, your card is not suitable for CNP transactions (in other words such transactions, for which the card itself is not present, but its details are used), and you should contact the bank for more information.

After clicking “to pay” you will be forwarded to the Yandex.Checkout payment gate, where you will be able to specify the details of your credit card*. Store and Yandex.Checkout interact via HTTPS security protocol: details are transmitted to the service in encrypted form. 

If the bank, which issued your plastic card, supports the technology of secure online-payments Verified By VISA or MasterCard SecureCode, be prepared to specify a special passcode, necessary for successful payment. You can learn about the ways and ability of getting the passcode for proceeding the online-payment at the issuing bank.

The payment for the order is proceeded immediately after confirmation of it by the manager: you should login to your order’s profile and click “Payment by credit card”, afterwards the system will forward you to the page of Yandex.Checkout payment service, where you will be offered to enter the credit card data and initiate its authorization.

Before getting the successful payment confirmation your order will be in the waiting mode, afterwards it will be switched to mode “paid” and sent to the specified address. In case of card authorization decline you can repeat the payment procedure.

The confidentiality of the given personal data is ensured by Yandex. The entered information will not be provided to the third persons, except for the cases, established by the legislation of the Russian Federation. The payments by credit cards are proceeded in strict accordance with the requirements of Visa Int. and MasterCard Europe Sprl. payment systems.

Cancelling the participation and refunding

The Participant has a right to refund a part of paid money depending on the date of application for cancelling the participation.

If you decided to refuse to participate in the event, the cost of additional services purchased in addition to the Registration fee can be partially refunded upon written request received no later than two weeks before the event.

The money paid for a hotel room is returned with the exception of bank transfer fees according to the following rules:

  • 100% refund on condition that the reservation is canceled 60 days or more before the date of arrival;
  • 75% refund on condition that the reservation is canceled from 60 to 30 days before the date of arrival;
  • 50% refund on condition that the reservation is canceled from 30 to 21 days before the date of arrival;
  • Refunds for cancellations made less than 21 days before the date of arrival are not made.

If the cancellation is made less than two weeks before the event, no refunds are made, you are given the opportunity to receive all ordered services and goods during the event, along with other participants.

The conditions of souvenir products return and exchange are discussed individually.

Changing the registration, transferring the slot

The data given during the registration, the chosen distance can be changed and the slot can be transferred no later than two weeks before the event. The service is charged! (1000 rubles)

The Participant to whom the slot is transferred must be registered in the usual manner in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation.

The transfer of additional services purchased with the slot is carried out through the Participant’s personal account. By default, transferring the slot is carried out “as is”, it means that, if a package of additional services was purchased, the slot is transferred with it.

Cancellation of additionally purchased services while maintaining the slot (when you plan to participate, but want to refuse additionally purchased services) is done in the Participant’s personal account.