Ultramarathon "Taganay - Turgoyak"


Run from one city to another? Through the three peaks of the Urals? Along the wood paths? Easy-peasy! For all as reckless as we are “Taganay-Turgoyak” marathon has taken place for 4 years already. And for those, who is only planning to accomplish this feat, there are also shorter distances!

“Taganay-Turgoyak” marathon (or if you like, Zlatoust-Miass, for these are the cities that are connected by our route) is a challenge, that is thrown down by athletes all over Russia. Such a competition is very important experience in many sportsmen’s lives, they pursue this goal not for one year. Even just a hike to Taganay is an adventure, needless to say how hard it is to run a marathon!

Winding paths of the national park. Rocky steep climbs and descents. Forcing mountain rivers. Incredibe views from several peaks. Otkliknoy ridge. Kruglitsa mountain. Dalniy Taganay. Varganovka. Lysaya. If you did not quit reading after mentioning sharp climbs – you are our kind of guy!

You have a varied track ahead of you: here’s a paved road for you, here’s a country road, there’s a rocky slope, then mud and a mountain river! Certainly, you need to be careful and mind your step, but, dear friends, do not forget to look around! The route passes through the woods of such rich flora and fauna: you can spot a plant of a rare kind, meet a hedgehog, a hare, a roe and even a moose deer. And what about views, that open up from the peaks – they are totally worth taking the eyes off the ground. 

You have an opportunity to choose the distance – you can start with a short one, but keep in mind that you will want more!

The distance for our youngest sportsmen – “children’s” of 0,8 km length without elevation gain.

For the amateurs – “fans’” (its length is 10 km, elevation gain is 250 m).

It is a whole separate distance, but the name of it is “one-half” (30 km running, 800 m climbing!)

And the main distance, which is the one concealing the route Taganay-Turgoyak, the distance for the most reckless – “ultramarathon” of 63 km length and 1900 m elevation gain.

Many sportsmen strive to run a marathon, but how to live without a goal afterwards? We offer you the ULTRAmarathon! Overcome yourself, all the boundaries are only in your head!

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