July 9-11 2021


Lake Turgoyak, Miass, Chelyabinsk Region

Lake Turgoyak is the precious pearl of the Southern Ural, a natural monument of international importance, is included in the list of 100 most valuable reservoirs of the planet. The cleanliness of the water in the lake is close to Lake Baikal, the transparence reaches 17 meters.

The surroundings of the Turgoyak are also magnificent: despite the relatively small size of the lake, the coastline is extremely diverse, here there are beaches with fine quartz sand, and green meadows, and steep cliffs, and mountain slopes sprouted by a centuries-old forest.

The water surface of the lake is 26.4 square kilometers. The average depth is 19.1 meters, the maximum depth is 36.5 meters. The lake water has high transparency, which ranges from 10 to 17.5 meters.

Turgoyak is one of the most transparent lakes in Russia. 

Use Telegram app to chat with other participants https://t.me/xwaters_ural (open from your phone when the app is installed).

Vera island (which is the starting, intermediate, and finishing point of our swim), is an absolutely incredible place. It has been attracting people since prehistoric times. Here scientists found the Neanderthal stand aged from 60 to 100 thousand years, megalithic structures like Stonehenge built about 6 thousand years ago, ancient quarries and remains of the Old Believer skete of the XIX century. The number of archeological sites totals to about 50. Some more sites are under water. What people were trying to find here for thousands of years remains a mystery. Maybe we can unearth it?

July 9: Launch of starter packs. EXPO

July 10: Launch of starter packs. EXPO. Swims 1km, 3 * 1km, 1 mile, 3 * 1 mile

July 11: Swims 5km, 10km

The basic information comes in the race book about 2 weeks before the event.

Turgoyak Lake is 120 km away from the city of Chelyabinsk and 230 km from the city of Yekaterinburg. 10-12 flights a day fly from Moscow to Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg, airfare is from 2700 rub.

How to get from Chelyabinsk:

By car: Follow the navigator to CHC of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya

The main applications of Taxi Gett, Yandex, Uber are working in Chelyabinsk. There are also many local services. The cost of the trip is 2000-3000 rub.

By bus: There are several flights per day, the duration of the trip is about 3 hours, the cost is from 299 rub.

Train + bus: You can take a train to Miass and transfer to a local bus to the village Turgoyak

How to get from Yekaterinburg:

By car: Follow the navigator to CHC of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya

By bus: From the railway station to Miass, the trip takes about 4 hours, the cost is from 400 rub. Next, transfer to a local bus to the village Turgoyak. 

BlaBlaCar:  A very popular destination, a car can be found every hour, th.

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