Lake Ice Race

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«Lake Ice Race»is a trail (cross) race.

Race distances: 10 km and 20 km.

The first distance (10 km) is a flat one, it goes over the ice to Vera Island and back. The main difficulty is the unpredictable surface on the day of the start, it can be covered with knee-deep snow as well as icy. The route runs on the walkways, but the South Ural weather is fast-changing! Vera Island is a completely incredible place. It has been attracting people since prehistorical times. Here archaeologists found Neanderthal encampment aged from 60 to 100 thousand years, megalith constructions resembling Stonehenge, built approximately 6 thousand years ago, ancient stone mines and Old Believers’ monasteries of XIX century. It total it amounts to 50 archaeological monuments.Plus a few that are under the water. What people have been looking for on this plot of land remains a mystery. Maybe we can solve it?

The second distance (20 km) coincides with the lake part up to Vera Island, but then there is a cherry on top of this race waiting for you – the rapid climbing up the Zaozerny Ridge. The top is at a height of 687 meters above sea level.There is also a magnificent viewpoint, from where Lake Turgoyak is clearly visible. Although the Zaozerny Ridge is not high, it is beautiful for its cliffs and views. It seems to cover Lake Turgoyak from the west, bending it round like a horseshoe. From the ZaozernyRidge you can distinguish Vera Island and the MyhorinskayaKurya bay on the leftof it. Turgoyak Village and the town of Miass are clearly visible. On the other side of the ridge, to the northwest, you can notice some peaks of Taganay. The race also runs on walkways, the main difficulty is climbing the steep hill and facing the sharp wind on the top.


on carrying the open run Training with time control – “LakeIceRace”

1.      Goals of holding the competition

The main tasks of the trail (cross) race “LakeIceRace” (further – “the Training”) are:

·         promotion of physical culture, sport and healthy lifestyle;

·         popularization of cross-country running (cross, trail, mountain running);

·         development of mass sports;

·         stimulation of sports achievements in long-distance running;

·         improvement of the participants’ sports skills;

·         drawing the attention of the society and government to the ecological problems of Lake Turgoyak, tourism development.


2.      Date and time of the competition, distances

The Training is held on January 23rd 2021 on the territory of The Children’s Recreation-Educational Camp “named after ZoyaKosmodemyanskaya”, Turistov street, 34, the town of Miass, Chelyabinsk region.

Registration is carried out on the website

Distances: 10 km and 20 km.


3.      Organizers of the Training

General management of the preparation and conduct of the Training is carried out by the Interregional Public Organization “Triathlon, athletics, swimming and cycling sport Miass city district Federation”.

Direct conduct of the competition is carried out by Alexander Kistanov, the chairman of the Interregional Public Organization “Triathlon, athletics, swimming and cycling sport Miass city district Federation”, “Management of Physical Culture and Sport” of the Miass city district (further the Organizers).

Depending on the weather, viral-epidemiological and other force majeure circumstances, the Organizers have the right to change the rules of the competition (to move the time of the start) up to the complete cancellation with subsequent notification of the participants. The entry fee will not be returned in this case.

Contacts of the Organizers:

The Chief referee of the Training Alexander Kistanov 8-902-895-54-61.

The official website of the Training

The official community of the Training “Vkontakte”

4.      Program of the Training

9:00-10:45 - Registration, issuing of start packages.

10:50 – Welcome speech of the Organizers.

11:00 – Mass start of the participants.

13:00 – Awarding of the 10 km distance.

14:00 – Awarding of the 20 km distance.

16:00 – Closing the distance, cleaning the track.

Total time limit: 10 km – 2 hours, 20 km – 4 hours.

5.      Registration procedure

Everyone interested over 18 years old and having the necessary physical training is allowed to participate in the Training.

Medical certificate indicating the distance andthe original health insurance policy against accidents are required for the participation in the Training!

Electronic pre-registration is carried out on the website:

On the day of the Training the registration will be carried out at the venue from 9:00 to 10:45 provided that there are vacant slots.

6.      Entry fee (online payment)

20 km distance:

-cost: 1900 rubles if the number of participants is more than 0;

-cost: 2300 rubles if the number of participants is more than 20;

-cost: 2700 rubles if the number of participants is more than 40.

10 km distance:

-cost: 1500 rubles if the number of participants is more than 0;

-cost: 1900 rubles if the number of participants is more than 20;

- cost: 2300 rubles if the number of participants is more than 40.

In case of exempting the athlete from the Training due to illness, disqualification or any other reason, the entry fee is not refundable.

Contributions are directed to the organization and holding of the specified event and to awarding the winners and prizewinners.

The entry fee is not refundable. The slot can be transferred to another participant no later than 15 days before the Training. The service of making the specified modifications is charged - 500 rubles.

The entry fees cover the costs of judiciary board’s work, meal service, trophy and souvenir (medals) production, rent of premises, technical facilities on the track, audio equipment lease, the Training prize fund forming etc.

Number of participants limits:

20 km distance – 100 people, 10 km – 100 people

7.      Additional benefits

-individual electronic time metering;

-branded hat with “LakeIceRace” logotype;

-branded T-shirt with the participant’s number;

-finisher medal;

-posted on the Internet photo of the participant.

8.      Announcing the results and awarding procedure

The winners are decided according to the time taken to cover the distance from the moment of the mass start.

Awarding is carried out for the three first places in the overall standings for men and women. The prizes are provided by the partners of the Training.

Final results of the race will be published on the website and in the official community “Vkontakte”

9.      Ensuring the safety of participants and responsibility

Every participant commits to take charge of his health by himself and takes all risks connected with the participation in the Training.

On the distance of the Training and at the finish participants can get medical first aid. At the venue of the Training there are health workers. Having noticed a person in need of help on the track, inform health workers or the Organizers immediately.

10.  Equipment

Equipment recommended for all distances:

Mobile phone with full battery charge in a dry bag with the Organizers’ phone number noted in the device address book.

Water or beverage supply, at least 1 liter.

Food supply necessary for covering the distance of at least 1000 kcal energy value.

GPS compatible device enabling navigation in case of leaving the marked route (it may be a smartphone with GPS function).

Extensible trekking poles.

A cup or a bottle for taking water on feeding points on the distance.

Safety warming light gloves.


11.  Requirements for the participants of the Training.

The participants completely relieve the organizers of any financial, civil or criminal responsibility for the possible damage to their possessions or health they can get during the competition.

The participants must have a valid health certificate admitting them to the Training. Medical certificate must contain a stamp of the institution that issued it, doctor's signature and stamp. The certificate must indicate that the participant is allowed to train in the distance not less than the one he chose (such certificate is usually valid for 6 months).

The participants are informed that the race track goes over the lake and mountain territory and is potentially dangerous.

When applying for the Training, you guarantee that you are informed about your health condition, physical limits and level of your technical skills.

The Organizers have the right to disqualify the participants who are seen being careless and rude towards nature. All garbage has to be carried away to the disposal sites in inhabited localities or camps.

During the race the participants must wear start numbers over all clothes.

The participant who fell out of the race must contact the Organizers and come to the finish within the minimum period of time.

12.  Disqualification

Judiciary board has the right to disqualify the participant in case:

-the participant runs with the registered number of another runner;

-the participant cuts short the distance;

-the participant covers the distance that he did not apply to;

-the participant uses an expedient means of transport (skis, Hus-Ski, snowmachine and other means of transport);

-the participant starts the race before the official start;

-the participant comes running to the finish after closing of the finish zone;

-the participant starts the race not from the start zone;

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