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It takes some people the whole day to climb only Lysaya Mountain, while the marathon “Turgoyak trail” includes no less than three: mountains Lysaya, Varganova and Zaozerniy Ridge! These points open the most picturesque views of Lake Turgoyak – you can kill two birds with one stone: run the marathon and visit the sightseeing tour!

So that the sportsmen of different fitness level could participate, we offer you two distances:

“Zaozerniy Ridge” – its length is 30 km and elevation gain is 850 m;

“Lysaya Mountain” – 10 km and 370 m.

The first point of our entertainment program is Lysaya Mountain of 582 meters high. Two lakes, separated by the narrow line of the forest: Turgoyak and Inyshko, are clearly visible from here. By the way, speaking of the slightly less popular with tourists, but not less beautiful Inyshko. In this very lake, according to the legend, Emelian Pugachev drowned his treasure, but we need to move on!

The next peak is Varganova Mountain, or, as we call it, Varganovka (its height is 736 m), which is rounded by the Kushtumga River on the west and the north sides. From this angle Turgoyak is also incomparable!

Afterwards the wood paths will take you to Zaozerniy Ridge (683 m), to the rock Kitayskaya Stena, which has a whimsical shape and sometimes seems to be artificial. This place resembles Arakul Shihan to many tourists. Even though the rocks here are not as impressive, it is compensated by the small number of tourists, which enables you to be alone with nature and enjoy the most beautiful view of Lake Turgoyak. From here you can see Vera Island and the bay Muhorinskaya Kuria, village Turgoyak and the town of Miass are perfectly visible. On the other side of the ridge, to the northwest, in fine weather you can distinduish some peaks of Taganay.

In addition, the route lies near the famous for its megaliths Vera Island. They are the most distinctive of its monuments – large cultic buildings, constructed with massive rocks.

Even some of the Turgoyak and Miass citizens do not know about these viewpoints yet, so manage to conquer all the three peaks before they become too popular with tourists!

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